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Watching TVs
Typing on a Computer
Security Camera

New Way Technologies is a unique company. We can provide, install and support

  • Commercial computer services

  • Commercial and residential surveillance  systems

  • Commercial and residential audio video systems 

We have a been providing five-star services for commercial and residential customers for over 15 years in the Central Florida area.

Call  or contact us today, let us know what you need and let our superior team solve your problem.

We are a local Central Florida company that provides commercial and residential technical services.

Product Availability


As many of you have heard, there is a shortage of electronics caused by many issues happening at the same time. 

We are working with all of our distributors to make sure we can deliver products for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

Please bear with us during this time if we are running a little behind in deliveries.

Computer Business Continuity


Disaster can strike anytime.

From Malware to Hackers to Physical damage. 

Be prepared and talk to us about ensuring that your business data is safe. We can discuss the advantages of local, off site and cloud based backup and operation.



  • Network Managment and Network Wiring Hardware Support

  • Software Support

  • Workstation and Server Managment Backup and Remote Troubleshooting

Learn more about computer services.




  • TV and Sound Systems Installation

  • Commercial Sound Systems

  • Surveillance Systems

  • Commercial Automation

  • Access Control

  • Universal Remotes

Learn more about our audio video services.

Contact us and let us solve your problems!
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