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Audio / Video Services

New Way Technologies is an award winning local company that specializes in the professional installation of audio and video equipment for both residential and commercial clients. With a passion for cutting-edge technology and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, New Way Technologies has become a trusted name in the industry. our team of skilled technicians and audiovisual experts ensure that every installation is seamless, reliable, and tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Residential Services:

Home Theater Installations: New Way Technologies transforms ordinary living spaces into immersive entertainment hubs by designing and installing custom home theater systems. They carefully assess the room's acoustics and dimensions, select top-quality audio and video components, and create an environment that delivers a cinematic experience in the comfort of the client's home.

Whole-Home Audio Systems: For clients seeking seamless audio distribution throughout your residence, New Way Technologies offers whole-home audio solutions. They strategically place speakers in different rooms and zones, allowing residents to enjoy synchronized music or audio in any part of the house at the touch of a button.

Smart Home Integration: New Way Technologies specializes in integrating audio and video systems into smart home setups. They sync entertainment systems with smart home automation platforms, enabling clients to control our audio and video devices using smartphones, tablets, or voice assistants.

Outdoor Entertainment: To extend entertainment options beyond the indoors, New Way Technologies provides outdoor audio and video installations. Whether it's setting up weather-resistant speakers, outdoor TVs, or projection systems, they create inviting outdoor spaces for gatherings and relaxation.

Commercial Services:

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms: New Way Technologies equips corporate spaces with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including interactive displays, conference room audio systems, and video conferencing solutions. our installations promote efficient communication and collaboration during meetings and presentations.

Retail and Hospitality: In commercial settings like retail stores and hotels, New Way Technologies installs digital signage, background music systems, and video walls to create engaging and immersive experiences for customers and guests.

Restaurants and Bars: New Way Technologies designs and installs audio and video solutions for restaurants and bars, enhancing the atmosphere and customer experience with high-quality sound systems, large-screen displays, and sports viewing setups.

Core Values:

Expertise: New Way Technologies prides itself on its team of highly trained technicians and audiovisual specialists, ensuring the highest standards of installation and service.

Customization: Each project is approached with a bespoke mindset, tailoring solutions to fit the specific requirements and preferences of the client.

Reliability: New Way Technologies focuses on delivering reliable and robust audiovisual systems that clients can trust to perform consistently.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations, and New Way Technologies goes the extra mile to exceed client expectations with every installation.

Whether it's transforming a living room into a home theater or outfitting a corporate boardroom with cutting-edge technology, New Way Technologies is the go-to company for professional audio and video equipment installations in both residential and commercial settings

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