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An option with Smart Home Wiring is to locate all the AV equipment (amplifier, cable receivers, streaming equipment, etc.) in another part of the home, such as in a closet or utility room. The equipment is installed in an optional rack. There are additional electronics cost for having the equipment in a remote location which vary depending on the complexity of your system. There are advantages of installing all the AV equipment in central area. 
•    TVs can share equipment
•    No equipment needed by the TV freeing up cabinet space
•    No need for furniture under flat panel TVs
•    Easier upgrade and replacement of equipment

This drawing shows the how the wiring is structured if you add the centralized equipment 

Each System is unique and pricing depends on many factors, i.e. number of devices, control systems, etc. We will work with you to design the perfect system to meet your needs.



central equipment.png
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