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Turn your home into a fully integrated entertainment center with a new state-of-the-art music and communications system! Intrasonic Technology’s I2000 Music Distribution and Intercom System delivers the luxury of music and the convenience of communication throughout every room in your home – with sound quality you never thought possible with an intercom system. Create a soothing environment for meals in the dining room or get the party started with music out on the patio – the choice is yours!

The I2000 system offers a sleek, modern design with color options that enable it to blend seamlessly into your home décor, and delivers easy-to-use features that you will love. Whether you select the I2000 for multi-source music distribution, room-to-room conversations, or home technology integration capabilities, your I2000 will deliver exceptional value with more features and flexibility than traditional intercom systems.


•    Choice of 3 music source options (AM/FM radio, local source, or auxiliary input) at every station, enabling different music sources to be played in different rooms
•    Portable Music Player (PMP) Bay to plug-and-play a wide variety of devices including MP3’s, hand- held satellite radios, IOS or Android tablets/phones - with either downloaded or streamed music
•    Suspension of music broadcast when an intercom call is made that automatically resumes to all stations other than those engaged in the call once the call is answered
•    Stay in touch with every room in your home from any other location with the I2000’s room-to-room conversation features:
•    Automatic Selective Call technology that broadcasts voice calls throughout the home, but only broadcasts between the initial call station and the responding station once the call is answered
•    Hands-free communication for the party receiving the call
•    Capability to audibly monitor single or multiple zones
•    Privacy function that disables another station from listening to or monitoring the room


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