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A few of our accomplishments

New Way Technologies has been helping mankind for an exceptionally long time. We strive to make technology available and understandable to anyone that asks. A few examples will show our commitment.

About 3.5 billion years ago, a grouping of inanimate matter asked a New Way team member “is this all there is?” We responded, “of course not”. “We recommend being hit by lighting and beginning life”. Sure enough, RNA was created, morphed into DNA and finally crawled out of the ocean.


A group of early pre-humans 2.5 million years ago needed help, well with everything, so we disguised ourselves and helped them discover tools. This was so popular that we became part of a movie. Since we were in disguise, we never received proper credit. But that is ok, that is how we roll.

Roughly 4,000 years ago, a caveman asked if there was any other entertainment available other than hunting and eating. We supplied him with paints and showed him how to do cave paintings. This was our only unhappy customer, ever. He believed that the drawings should have been moving. We let him know that electricity has not been invented yet.


Three thousand years ago, people were still dragging things around. We mentioned that a wheel would make it easier to move things - people were amazed! We did not charge for this, because we are always thinking of the good of mankind.

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