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This type of wiring system is also referred to as a “Smart Home Wiring System” or a “Structured Wiring System”. All wires terminate at a structured wiring cabinet. The structured wiring cabinet is installed in some out of the way locations and the door is flush with the wall. A smart home wiring system supports your phones, data and video. Smart home outlets can and should be used at every TV location and at least one in each bedroom. Multiple outlets are typically used in home offices.  Garages and closets (for hiding printers) are other locations where smart home outlets are placed.

The plate to the left, is typical of the smart home outlets we install. It can have one, two or up to six outlets on a single plate. In most locations, it will support a phone, a hardwired data connection and a video connection. It could also support two data or two phone connections.

The smart home canister is installed in the wall and is powered. The phone and data connections are all terminated into appropriate patch panels and a legend is provided as to what connection goes to what room / outlet. The coaxial cables are also identified. 


Each of the cables from this cabinet terminates in color coordinated wall plates in each room. Each wall plate has the appropriate connector for data or video. All cross connections and connections to the outside world are done in the structured wiring cabinet which allows room to room communications or room to outside world connections.


A smart home wiring system is designed with future use in mind.  Technology is moving ahead at a very rapid pace and an intelligently designed Smart Home Wiring System can give you the peace of mind that your home will be able to support new technologies.
Today, you can get your phone service from Spectrum, AT&T and the Internet. You can get your internet service from Spectrum, AT&T, DirectTV Satellite service. You can get your video from Spectrum, DirecTV, AT&T, DISH Network and the Internet. Streaming entertainment requires good network connections and hard wiring all media streamers will ensure steady unbroken video and audio streams. 


The prices include initial consultation, walk-through, rough-in, trim out, all cable, any terminations and face plates. It also includes documentation and testing of all cabling.
This drawing show how the smart home system is wired. Each of the outlets are wired back to the smart home canister. We also wire up for two wireless access points. With the appropriate electronics you can have a wireless network that covers the entire home.

Smarft home canister

Example of a 42"inch canister with data and video cables

smart home schematic.png
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