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There are many advantages to a central vacuum system. We carry a wide range of motors and attachments depending on the size and number of floors in your home.


Healthier air is guaranteed with every cleaning because the collected dust is sent through tubing behind walls to a remotely located main unit.


Large and permanent, power units of central vacuum systems pack a motor that gives greater power than those of traditional, portable vacuum cleaners.


Convenience is the obvious advantage that central vacuum systems have over their portable cousins. You need not worry about power cord length, or the possibility of injury from tripping over these cords. The brush unit and the hose are instead plugged into wall inlets, not power cords.


The installation of a central vacuum system in your house will increases the value of your home in the event of a sale.


The central motor is larger than the main units of portable vacuum cleaner, but don't cause noise pollution because of their remote locations. The walls of your garage will insulate your home from the noise.


The VacPan, to the right, is perfect for Florida homes. In- stead of using a dust pan, just sweep floor debris to the wall mounted VacPan and everything gets vacuumed out to the central unit

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